SCCIP Court is the first-ever felony community court in Dallas County.  Judge Mitchell was hand selected by her predecessor, Judge Rick Magnis (Ret.) to be the presiding judge of SCCIP in January 2017.  The SCCIP Court participants range between the ages of 17 and 30 and must have been arrested in or reside in the 75210, 75215 and 75216 zip codes.  They participate in a 9-18 month pre-trial diversion program aimed at improving participants’ lives through particularized strategies of building support systems, coping skills and providing services that aid them in making better choices.  Upon completion of the program the participants’ cases are dismissed and expunged.

Judge Mitchell along with Dallas County Judges, Shequitta Kelly, Lisa Green and Amber Givens-Davis created Pipeline to Possibilities and partnered with the Dallas Independent School District to engage students in a four month curriculum based on the criminal justice system. Students will learn the Texas penal code and punishment consequences in conjunction with daily problem-solving life skills to change and create positive mindsets.

The rise in police shootings of unarmed minorities along with attacks on law enforcement across the country, have exasperated the distrust and unrest between the two in our communities.  In response to this unrest Judge Mitchell implemented the BLEND Initiative, working with law enforcement to go into schools and address concerns our youth and the police have with each other to bridge the disconnect and become unified.